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Catching Up

May 17, 2011

Just wanted to catch everybody up on my past 2 races – the Cape Girardeau Steamboat Classic Triathlon and the Marcia Pruett 5k.

The Steamboat Classic is a 450m indoor swim, a 15 mile ride and a 5 mile run.  This was my second running of this race and I managed to better my time by just over 2 minutes.  I improved my times in all areas – swim, bike, run, and transitions.  I didn’t give this race all I had as it was a “B” race for me, but I had a good solid race and felt strong.

Few things though…

My pump infusion site went bad the morning of the race.  It was perfectly fine the night before, but after I ate 30g of carbs in the morning, my BG shot straight up and never came down.  I did multiple corrections to no avail.  I was 220+ starting the race, was 200 out of the water and then finally came down a bit to end at 160.  For bigger races I would have another site inserted and ready to go, but didn’t for this race.

On the second lap of the swim, I hit my right arm on the lane rope and it ripped my Road ID Elite right off my arm.  I felt it immediately and looked and saw it at the bottom of the pool… at the bottom of a 50 meter pool… at the DEEP end.  I stopped and considered getting it for a second, but thought better of it and carried on.  I told somebody when I got out that I lost a Road ID in lane 2 and headed out to Transition 1.  After the race, I went back into the pool area and there it was waiting for me.  I was prepared to go in after it, but fortunately somebody did that for me.  Woohoo!

Last year I had a dreadful swim.  I went out too fast and had to mix in breast strokes just to get through it.  I was devastated by a horrible 450m swim of 10:03.  This year I had a very solid swim and was thrilled by my performance.  I beat last year’s time by…  3 seconds.  HA!

This past Saturday I ran a 5K at my local YMCA.  This was the Marcia Pruett Run For Your Life.  Marcia was an amazing person, athlete and a fixture at the Y.  She was diagnosed with Cancer and past away just a few weeks before the race.  A cold, windy and rainy morning greeted us.  I ran a 23:18, not my fastest 5K, but I’m not exactly trained for that either.  Negative split the race and finished in the top 10 overall.  At the end of the race, everyone received one of the many medals Marcia had won during her life.  Very touching stuff.

Next up this coming Sunday is my “A” race for the Spring – the Gateway Olympic Distance Triathlon at Carlyle, IL.

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  1. May 17, 2011 1:19 pm

    Good luck this weekend!

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