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A Good Saturday for a T1 Athlete

March 7, 2011

On Saturday, Feb 26th, I ran the Castlewood Cup 15K trail race and later that afternoon I talked about running and doing triathlons at the JDRF Family Retreat here in St. Louis.  A very good day for an athlete with Type 1 Diabetes!

This was my second running of the Castlewood Cup.  It’s a fantastic race and just a ton of fun.  I don’t get a chance to do much trail running, but I wish that I did.  9.3 miles fly by on the trails!  I won’t go into much detail about the race this year.  You can read last year’s race report here, which has a lot of info on the race and the course.  I did manage to set a race PR by 9 minutes by running a 1:28:14, which was good for 135th out of 322.

In the afternoon, myself and James Murphy, another fellow Insulindependence/Triabetes member, presented at the JDRF Family Retreat.  We had an hour and 15 minutes to talk about managing blood glucose during sports and exercise.  This was my first time speaking to a group like this, I was a little nervous, but I simply love talking about this stuff, so I knew as soon as we got started I would be fine and enjoy it.

We had a group of about 30 people sit down and listen to us talk about our experiences running and doing triathlons.  James spoke first and showed a quick Triabetes video.  After that a CDE that joined us spoke for a bit and then I got up.  I started by showing an image of what my Dexcom looked like during Castlewood.  This was great, because it showed a spike right at the start of the race and another spike right after the race.  We had a lot of questions about dealing with BG spikes during exercise as opposed to going low.  A lot of kids playing sports in school are doing short bursts of speed and not doing 6 or 7 hour triathlons. 😉

NOTE:  On my Dexcom graph, the 1st bump was breakfast, the 2nd was the start of the race, and the 3rd was at the end of the race.

After talking about Castlewood, I went into the main portion of my talk and presented how I did my basal plan for Branson 70.3.  I wrote a post about this last year, so I essentially turned this into Powerpoint and talked about it.  We had a good discussion with the group and I think everybody learned a lot and took away some good info.

I really enjoy sharing my experiences and trying to help and inspire others with Type 1 Diabetes.  It’s a humbling experience at times, but I love it.

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  1. Lorraine permalink
    March 10, 2011 8:42 am

    Sounds fantastic. Way to go, Gary!

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