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Memphis Marathon Training/Tapering – 17 Days to Go

November 16, 2010

It’s taper time!  For those of you that don’t know, tapering is cutting back training so the body can rebuild strength in time for the big race.  In my case I’m tapering for 3 weeks leading up to the St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon.  This period in training can be a little stressful (ok, a LOT stressful) as you are used to running more miles and demanding more from your body, but you are holding back to allow some rest and recovery from the riggers of training.  I have been doing a 12 week program (actually 11 weeks, my half Ironman was at the end of week 12) and my peak week was a couple weeks ago with 55.6 miles.  The next 3 weeks will feature 44 miles, then 32, and finally the race week, which will have 48.2 miles including the marathon.

The stressful part is that I feel like I can and should run more, but I have to *trust* my training program and *trust* that all of the work I have done will get me to my goal: a sub 4:00 marathon.  Trust.  Relax.  Rest.

One of the important aspects of a good taper is that while the miles may be less, the intensity stays the same.  This helps to keep the body sharp and remain in peak condition.

So, here I am in taper world.  I’m coming off my second 20 miler of my plan this past Sunday for a total of 52.74 miles last week.  “Only” 44 miles this week with a long run of 16 on Sunday.

The other big thing coming up…  almost time to start checking the weather forecast every hour.  😉  15 day forecast will be available soon!

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