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Toast of Marissa 5k

November 17, 2009

Fast 5K’s are exactly my thing.  I’ve spent much more time building endurance than building speed, but this past Saturday I ran a pretty good 5K (for me).

Saturday I headed back to my childhood home town to run the Toast of Marissa Grape Stomp 5K.  My previous 5K best was 23:20 back in August.  Knowing my lack of speed, I knew beating this time would be tough and I hadn’t decided completely that I would even try.  I felt pretty good the morning of the race despite eating way too much pizza the night before (a fantastic idea for a Type 1 diabetic before a race), so I committed to giving it a go.

I’ve learned a lot about pacing over the last year and have become much smarter about how to hit a goal time.  I had a plan and nailed it.

Mile 1 – 7:31
Mile 2 – 7:29
Mile 3 – 7:16

Finish  time – 22:30

Not sure what my “official” time was, but from my watch I’m calling my new 5K PR 22:30!  Sweet.

BG numbers leveled out before the race around the 140 range.  I ate a GU a few minutes before the race and wound up at 190 after the race.  190 is a little higher than I’d like and I could tell during the run that I was higher than I needed to be.  The race started at 10:30.  I also got in a 2 mile warmup before the race, so with the warmup and starting a little later than normal, getting basals and everything else perfect was tough.

Next up is a 10-miler next weekend and after that I’m considering a 12-hour adventure race.  Yikes!

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  1. November 17, 2009 1:57 pm

    Way to go, Gary! Man, I have got to get in some speed work to keep up with my relay teammates.

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