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2009 Gumbo Flats 10K

October 28, 2009

Last year at the 2008 Gumbo Flats Pumpkin Run in Chesterfield, MO I ran 6.2 miles for just the second time ever.  Since then I have run almost 1,400 miles including a marathon.  Things have changed.Pumpkin Run Logo 09

2008’s run took me 57:48.  This year’s Gumbo Flats Pumpkin Run was done in 53:41.  Coming off the marathon just a few weeks ago, I didn’t want to go crazy, but I definitely wanted to beat my 10K PR of 57:12.

I had a race plan and followed it perfectly.  Here are the splits…

  1. 9:29
  2. 9:13
  3. 8:49
  4. 8:28
  5. 7:42
  6. 7:45
  7. 2:18 for the final .2

I could’ve pushed the first few miles harder, but I wanted to take it pretty easy and negative split the race to make sure I broke 57:00 without risking injury.  I felt great and could not have been more happy with this 10K just 2 weeks after running 26.2.

My neighbor (Dustan),  my father-in-law (Matt) and my brother-in-law (Drew) also ran the race.  I always give credit to Dustan for getting me interested in running and triathlons and Matt ran the Chicago Marathon with me, but the cool thing was seeing Drew run his first 10K in 56:09.  NICE!

Gumbo Flats - the Boys

Again, this year, the post-race spread was awesome.  Two years in a row – far and away the best post-race scene I’ve experienced.  I was lucky enough to grab the last box of Chick-fil-a mini chicken biscuits.  Possibly, the best post run snack available.  Well, maybe not better than a bratwurst, but still pretty good.chick-n-minis

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