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Chicago Marathon Training Week 13

September 21, 2009

Mon – 7.04, 9:42 pace
Wed – 7.54, 9:16 pace including 4 x 1 mile intervals
Thu – 6.00, 9:21 Faster 2nd Half
Fri – 4.00, 9:21 pace
Sun – 20.01, 10:03 pace – total time 3:20:57

Total miles for the week – 44.59.

This was a big week for me.  It included my second 20-miler and totaled 44.59 miles for the most I’ve run in one week.  This was also a big week, since I would be pushing my left leg, so I was anxious to see how it would react.  The good news is, I had no pain at all during the week (including today after the 20-miler).  Yeah!

My 2duck in rain0-miler went well considering an old friend showed up again (see here and here).

The first 6 miles saw just a little bit of drizzle, but the following 2.5 – 3 saw a downpour.  Fortunately, it let up after that and didn’t start up again until around mile 19.5.  I was back at my car around the 5 mile mark and considered dropping off my iPod Shuffle, but thought for sure the rain had stopped.  Boy was I wrong and after my Shuffle stopped working, I really wished I had left it in the car (Good news again – I tried the whole “put it in rice to dry out trick” and it appears to be working again).  So, I spent well over half of my 20 miles in silence, which was actually perfectly fine.  I somehow survived just listening to my brain work overtime.

I had a very good BG run also.  I tested around 170 when I got up (5:15 AM… ouch).  Was at 157 at 4.5 miles, 147 at 9 miles and at 115 at 14 miles.  After testing at 170 in the morning, I gave myself a small correction bolus of probably half the normal amount and ate a packet of peanut butter crackers about 10 minutes before I started.  During the run I had a few Triberry GUs (can’t remember exactly how many) and a combination of Gatorade, G2 and water spread out along my route.

Normally my basal is like this…

  • 12 – 10 AM:  .8 units
  • 10 – 2 PM:  .7 units
  • 2 – 7:30 PM:  .5 units
  • 7:30 – 12 PM:  .8 units

For my morning runs I use a basal pattern.  What seems to be working…

  • 12 – 4 AM:  .8 units
  • 4 – 5 AM:  .4 units
  • 5 – 6 AM:  .35 units – My run started at 6 AM.
  • 6 – 9 AM:  .75 units

The keys are lowering my basal 2 hours prior to the start of my run (Notice the .05 unit change at 1 hour before?  Some serious tweaking going on there.) and then going back to a more normal level about 30 minutes before the finish to prevent a big spike at the end.

Testing every 4 to 5 miles works well.  After the initial test, which is the one that can be the crazy one, I can feel pretty comfortable about what will happen over the next 50 minutes or so and I can make decisions on when to eat a GU and/or have Gatorade.

Folks… it’s time to Taper!  19 days to go.

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