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SPIbelt… DiaBelt?

September 14, 2009

After seeing one of my Glucomotive friend’s SPIbelt fitted with a OneTouch UltraMini BG Meter, I had to do the same myself.  Here are the results…



I decided to use a couple black hair scrunchies to tighten the meter and the lancing device to the belt.  This way I could easily remove them if I needed two.  For the test strips, I’m just carrying a few in a Ziploc bag in the SPIbelt zipper compartment or in my pocket.  While running I can dig out a strip and insert the strip into the meter.  I then stop to test.  Takes about 10 seconds and I’m back on my way.

Works great and the SPIbelt remains lightweight and doesn’t move an inch.  I had been reluctant to bring a meter with me on runs (not smart, I know), but now I have one with me along with my CGM, so when the CGM fails, I’m still covered!

Update 9/14/09 –  Just wanted to update on how I’m currently using my Spibelt with my UltraMini BG meter.  I have found that having the meter loose works much better than having it attached to the belt.  I keep the lancing device attached, but put the meter in the pouch.  I tend to get a TON of Error 2s with this meter, which usually means taking the strip out and trying it again.  Sometimes it’ll take 2 or 3 tries to get the strip to work.  With the meter in my hand this can all be done on the run, so in the essence of time… in the pouch it goes!

Oh, one other thing.  After losing one meter, I’ve decided to go with black electrical tape instead of the hair scrunches.  😉

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  1. September 14, 2009 10:17 am

    that’s pretty cool, was wondering about how big they were…more than half time I’m w/o meter when jogging (hanging my head)…

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