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Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 11 and 12

September 14, 2009

Week 11chicago countdown 2
Tues – 3.12, 9:46 pace
Wed – 8.77, 9:19 pace including 5×1200 intervals
Sat – 4.00, 9:55 pace
Sun – 20.00, 10:11 pace

Week 12
Tues – 6.00, 9:44 pace
Thu – 10.00, 9:35 pace including 6×1200 intervals
Sat – 5.00, 9:23 pace
Sun – 8.00, 9:47 pace

Total for week 11 – 35.89.  Total for week 12 – 29.

Very interesting and scary couple of weeks.  During week 10 my left shin started acting up and got to the tipping point on the evening of 9/2 on week 11.  After a decent 8.77 interval run in the morning, I had a softball game in the evening and was almost brought to tears from shin pain while warming up for the game.  It was not good.  I have never had shin splints, so I didn’t know what they felt like, but after some research I determined that was what I was dealing with.  Ugh.

I took the next 2 days off (9/3 and 9/4) to rest and recover.  I took some ibuprofen, iced heavily and did some exercises.  Most importantly, I returned to using my green Superfeet inserts.  I wrote about my new shoes here and what led to my issues.  I was determined not to miss my first 20 miler, so after an easy 4 on Saturday without any pain, I decided to forge ahead and I’m happy to say that the 20 went very well.  Ran it in 3:23:42.  I ran 20 miles… in a row… crazy.

Week 12 was a cutback week and I spaced out the runs to add a few more rest days.  I continued to do the exercises and iced after each exercise session and run.  I also threw in 2 swim sessions to help recover and keep loose.  Pain seems to have dissipated and I think I’m back on track.  This week will be a big test with another 20 miler and a weekly total of 44.5.

It’s almost taper time folks!

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  1. September 14, 2009 12:31 pm

    Those 20’s are amazing, aren’t they? I’m always shocked when I do one… you oughta get a t-shirt just for doing THAT.

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