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Shoe Change

September 2, 2009

Big exciting news!  Well, not really, but it’s a pretty major part of running.

After 2 pairs of Mizuno Wave Creations, I have made a change to the Mizuno Wave Riders.  I documented the wear I was seeing on my first pair of Creations and that trend continued with the second pair.  For the past few months, I have been focused on landing mid-foot and while I am NOT (I swear I am not) landing on my heal, I am apparently scraping the side of my heel as my foot is about to land.  Can’t argue with the evidence.mizuno wave rider 12

The Creations are built for big guys and heavy heel strikers.  After talking with the fine folks at Ghisallo Running, I decided to make a change smack dab in the middle of my marathon training.  Since the Creations are built for heel strikers, they were working against me trying to land mid-foot.  The Riders are MUCH lighter and have a more low profile heel, which helps to promote mid-foot landing.

I’ve been running with the Riders for a few weeks now and besides a bit of calf soreness at first, I am quite pleased.  I also decide to forgo the Superfeet Inserts I had been wearing as well.  I had been battling arch/heel soreness in the past, but since that has gone away with the focus on mid-foot landing the inserts were no longer needed.

I’d also just like to note that these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve even owned.  I’ve tried to get away from wearing my primary running shoes all of the time to prevent wear, but these things are so darn comfy it’s tough.  You also can’t beat the fact that the Riders are about $35 cheaper than the Creations!  It’s nice to make a change in that direction once.

Update 9/3-
…and that was yesterday…  It seems that I have developed a case of shin splints.  I’m not convinced that it’s the shoes yet.  I’m taking a day or two off and I’m going to go back to the inserts and see how that feels.  This has been building for about a week and soon after writing this post last night, I had to go warmup for softball and my shin hurt pretty bad.  It did ease up after a good warmup, but I’m pretty sure it’s shin splints.  Dang it!

Update 9/14 –
Feeling MUCH better.  I did managed to rest on 9/3 and 9/4, well… after nearly going crazy, I did go for a quick bike ride to loosen up a bit on the 4th.  I took ibuprofen, did some exercises, iced heavily, and put the inserts back in and the shin splints have gone away.  I skipped on one run and after an easy 4 miler on 9/5, I did go ahead with my first 20 miler on 9/6 and had no issues to speak of.  Yeah!  So, in conclusion, I’m ok with the shoes and really liking them, BUT the green Superfeet inserts need to stay!

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  1. JB Cunningham permalink
    May 20, 2010 8:55 am

    I found your site link on Scott Hanselman’s page. I am a 42 year old recently diagnosed Type 1 after an initial diagnosis of Type 2. I run between 35 and 40 miles per week and I’m trying to ramp up to close to 50 miles per week by next Spring. I had several years with injury problems and finally switched to minimalist shoes (basically racing flats) so I could switch to forefoot striking. I have been injury free for 10 months now. Stick with it.

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