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Chicago Marathon Training – Week 3

July 15, 2009

Mon – 5.00, 9:54 pace
Wed – 5.50, 9:27 pace w/4 x 400 intervals
Thu – 5.00, 9:26 pace w/faster second half
Fri – 10.01, 10:14 pace
Sun – .94, 9:01 pace warm up.  3.18, 7:51 pace All-Star Game 5K

29.63 total miles for the week.  This was an odd running week, because I had the All-Star Game 5K thrown in on Sunday.  I decided to move my long run up to Friday.  I was a bit worried about this run considering I had already done 15.5 miles and I had a late softball game Thursday night and my legs were a bit sore after the game.  The run went off without a hitch and I was back to feeling just fine on Saturday.  A big relief and a good week that has set the tone for the rest of my training.

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