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Chicago Marathon Training – Week 2

July 7, 2009

Mon – 5 miles, 10:05 pace
Tue – 3.22, 9:43 pace  (part of a bike/run Brick)
Thu – 3.59, 9:38 pace
Sat – 2.89, 8:26 pace (part of Hillsboro Triathlon)
Sun – 7.52, 10:08 pace

22.23 total miles for the week.  This week also included 3 swims of 1200, 900 and 500 yards and 2 bike rides of 12.03 and 18.33 miles.  I will be cutting back on the bike rides, but plan to keep swimming twice a week.

It’s time to get serious.  Week 3 will have a total of approx. 28 miles, including the All-Star Game 5K.  After that weekly totals get into the 30+ mile per week range.  9 weeks until my first 20 mile run!

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