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Running Man and… a Naked Dude?

June 17, 2009

Sometimes blog topics present themselves in odd ways…

Sunday was a normal day for me. I woke up around 7 AM to get ready to head out for my weekly long run. I had planned 8 miles and drove into town to park at the normal starting point. For longer runs, I’ll start my run heading North for 2.5 miles and then come back to get a drink of water and then head South and back for the remainder of my run. The northern part of the run is through town, but the southern part heads out into the country.

Soon after turning around at 6.75 miles out in the country, about a half mile ahead of me, I noticed a person walking out of a field along a patch of woods towards the road. Weird.

As I reached the top of a little hill where the guy had walked out, I looked up the road to see where he was. I wasn’t sure if he was walking, running, riding a bike or what at this point. No sign of him. Odd.

At the top of the hill there is a dirt road that heads back off into the patch of woods. I turned to look down the road, as I usually do, and there he was… naked. Naked? NAKED!?! Butt naked just standing there.

It was a little like seeing a slightly less hairy Sasquatch.bigfoot

He was probably only 20 feet off of the road at this point. He could’ve easily went further down the road out of sight, but much to my chagrin, there he was. He looked up and seemed surprised to see somebody (not as surprised as I was) and took a step back. I got the sense that he wasn’t necessarily waiting for anybody and there to cause problems, but I’m 6’4″, so if he was there to cause problems, I wasn’t likely a good candidate.

I was over 7 miles into my long run. It was warm and very humid and I was tired, but I RAN. There was just the opening for the dirt road into the wood and once I was past that, I couldn’t see the “naked dude” or anybody else in the woods. I kept up a fast pace for the rest of my run and checked over my shoulder frequently to make sure nobody was coming after me.

This was a hilarious, mind boggling, confusing, shocking and terrifying experience. One that I will never forgot and will be retold countless times.

Guess you never know what you’ll see when you head out for a run on a Sunday morning.

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