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Feets Don’t Fail Me Now

June 3, 2009

I’ve been running, as I say, “seriously” since September of last year.  After 9 months I’m closing in on 800 total miles!  I have been lucky and have not had any injuries.  I have, however, been experiencing a considerable amount of pain and tightness in my right foot shortly after running.  I’m not sure if the pain/soreness is more in my heel or in my arch, so I’m not sure if it’s ye ol’ Plantar Fasciitis or what.

After running the St. Louis Half Marathon I noticed this…

Mizuno Wave Creation Heel Wear

Ack!!!  I thought I was landing mid-foot, but obviously I was NOT.

By the way here’s a comparison of a worn shoe to my new pair…

Wave Heel Comparison

I have made two changes.

1.  I’ve discovered that I have a medium-high arch, so I went and got a pair of Superfeet Green Inserts.  superfeet inserts

2.  Re-focused myself on my running form.  I am focused now on landing mid-foot.  I do NOT want to see that heel wear like that again.

I’m happy to report that my right foot pain and soreness has been gone for the last couple weeks!  Yeah!  We’ll see how it feels while I’m doing 40 mpw during my marathon training, but as of right now I’m expecting good things.

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