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Gateway Duathlon in Carlyle

May 27, 2009

Sunday I participated in my first multi-sport event.  The Gateway Duathlon in Carlyle, IL.  This was a 5K/20K/5K run/bike/run event for me.  They also had Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons, but I’m not swimming *yet*.  This was the first time this event was held at Carlyle and I thought they did great job.  Carlyle is the perfect place for an event like this and I look forward to doing it again next year.Gateway Logo

I did pretty well considering I only trained on my bike (a mountain bike by the way) for a little over a month and these shorter distances are not exactly my specialty.  I finished in 1:38:39, 8th out of 20 participants and 2nd in my age group.  NOTE:  2nd also happened to be last in my age group.  😉  I performed pretty much as I expected I would.  Did good in the first run leg – 24:50.  Biked well – 41:44. Ran horribly in the second run leg – 29:35.

Wake up BG: 99 (meter)

The morning started out at 5:30.  Got up had some pre-cooked chicken strips and an apple for breakfast.  I had a few hours until the start, so I wasn’t worried too much about what I ate.  My good friend and neighbor, Dustan, was doing the Olympic Tri, so we rode together over to Carlyle.  We arrived around 7:30 AM and got checked in and ready to go.

Set basal to 50% for 3.5 hours at 7:00 am.
8:00 AM BG: 147 (meter), 138 (CGM)

The Olympic Tri started at 9:00 and the Duathlon didn’t start until 9:25.  This would turn out to be an issue for me.  Just before 9 I started in on 2 fruit snack packages (~45 g of carbs).

As I was “enjoying” a fruit snack one of my fellow duathlon competitors joked and said “Hey!  That’s cheating.”  As my mind raced, I decided to pretty much keep my mouth shut…  “not really.”

At 9:25 AM we finally headed off across the Carlyle Dam.  I started WAY to fast, but settled into a nice 8 minute/mile pace.  I saw only 1 guy go past in my age group.  This would be the guy I’d be chasing the rest of the day.  Across the dam we go, heading for a HUGE hill on the other side.  I had hoped (prayed, whatever) that we’d turn around before the hill.  No such luck.  Note to self:  I’ll be walking this later.

Transition 1 – 9:53 AM BG:  264 (BG), 182 (CGM)  Oh, great the CGM is not keeping up.

In and out of T1 in 1:48.  Pretty good for my first time.  Now I’m off for a 12 mile bike ride.  I’m no bicyclist by any stretch of the Gary Bikeimagination, but I do well for a big guy on a mountain bike with road tires.  As one girl I was battling back and forth said “you do pretty good on that thing.”  I really did enjoy this part of the Dua.  Racing on the bike is a ton of fun and I look forward to doing it again in the future.  Ride 100 miles by myself?  Eh.  Racing? Sign me up!

Now, how about that BG?  WTF is going on?  As I head out on the bike I decided to take 1.2 units of insulin and wait to eat a GU at the 6 mile turn-around.  Hopefully this will keep things under control…

Transition 2 – 10:36 AM BG: 409!!!!!! (meter), 186 (CGM).  CGM?  Dude.  Wake up.

In and out of T2 in 0:45 and back across the dam for the last run.  409 BG.  Awesome.  Took 2.5 units of insulin and decided not to eat anything.  I was running low on energy at this point and not eating much and a friggin 409 was not helping.  At this point “the other guy” in my age group was still in sight, but it wasn’t going to happen.  I wound up taking a few walk breaks and as predicted I walked the huge hill.  I probably could’ve caught “the other guy”, but just didn’t have it in me.  Once again, I HATE walking.  I am NOT doing it again.

Gary FinishBelle Mady and Logan

Ha.  These images might be actual size proportions.  😉  My daughter Belle and Dustan’s kids, Maddie and Logan, cheered me on.  Notice the smile on my face.

End of race BG: 252 (meter), 132 (CGM).

I managed to some how prevent any major highs and lows the rest of the day.  Was down to 98 at 1:54 (CGM 122.  Good job buddy) and was 161 at bed time.

So, why a 409 in the middle of a race?  My guess is the delay of the start got me.  I had set my basal to 50% of my normal level at 7 am and didn’t start until 9:25 am.  I’m pretty sure this did me in.  Something to remember and plan for next time.

I had a blast and enjoyed cheering on Dustan.  I did a little duathlon.  No big deal.  He did an Olympic distance Triathlon.  Way to go Dusty!  Carlyle was a great venue and my family was able to enjoy the area and the beach after the race.  We pretty much made a day out of it including getting burgers and a diet SKI at Wally’s in Breese on the way home.  FYI… Wally’s is the greatest little burger joint on the planet.

Well, I’ve got a few weeks to go until serious Chicago Marathon training begins.  Will there be a triathlon before then?  Maybe…

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  1. May 28, 2009 9:10 am

    Way to go, Gary! Good race, great race report. Second in your division is great any time you can get it.
    409? That’s one of those things that’ll shake you up.

  2. June 1, 2009 8:31 am

    cheating because you are eating? That guy was just jealous of your snacks.

    Congrat’s on finishing your first duathlon. I’ve had 400+ BG’s in triathlons and it is really frustrating. The timing of it all can be tricky.

    Good luck with your swim training! Cheers.

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