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The Bug

April 8, 2009

Uh-oh. Well, it lasted about 7 months. I had fought it off and resisted the urge, but I think I may have caught it already.

I’m going to sign up for my first bike related event, the Gateway Duathlon in Carlyle, IL on May 24th. This will be a 5K run, 20K bike, then another 5K run. That’s a Duathlon, not to be confused with a Biathlon (I was). I’m planning on just using my ol’ trusty Trek Mountain Track (circa ’94) at this point. I just took it to a local bike shop to get tuned up and get the tires changed to some road tires. I’ve always enjoyed riding my Trek, so I’m sure 12 miles will be a piece of cake, even with only a month of training.

I’m already looking forward to some long rides. If nothing else it should help me with my marathon training and endurance. I’ll also get to find out what by blood glucose does on the bike as opposed to running <– this should be interesting.

Oh, well. I guess I could get caught up in worse things… eg. swimming. I’ve got to be strong here… at least until next year. 😉

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