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Insulin On Board!

March 20, 2009

Hmmm… so how could I possibly describe my run today?  I think I got it…


I did a 4.26 mile run today including 5 hill intervals (up and back down for a total of .5 miles per interval) in 37.52.  Going into the run I tested around 130 and felt pretty stable/heading down a little.  I ate 20 carbs about 10 minutes before heading out in addition to cranking my basal down to 8% 45 minutes before.  I started my run at 1:40 pm.  This was be over 2:30 hours after having lunch.  SIDE NOTE:  In case you didn’t notice, being a type 1 diabetic that also runs has a LOT to do with numbers.

Now- I was at least smart enough to check my insulin on board (IOB), but I wasn’t smart enough to do much about it.  😉  I had just over 6 units on board.  This is way too much.  I wound up going low during my run and had to eat 2 GUs to get through it.

The point of this is your IOB heading into a run is important and you have to plan ahead.  The next time I’m planning an afternoon run, I’ll be smarter about my lunch choice.  A high carb meal forcing me to take on a bunch of insulin is not a good idea.

Just another thing to remember…

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