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January 15, 2009

After switching to United Health Care, Minimed quickly got me approved and shipped out my CGM.  I got it yesterday and dispite a number of “do not start without training”, I’m starting right now.  I inserted my first sensor with no pain or issues at all this morning and just entered my first BG calibration.  I should start seeing numbers in 10-15 minutes.

I was a bit worried about how the sensor and transmitter might feel on me, but so far so good!

The bad part of all this is I will be spending ALL of my deductible on this new tool (it is a tool and not a toy), but if it helps me stay in better control then it will completely be worth it.

Update 10:55.  Going pretty well.  Watching myself tank before lunch as I normally do.  Maybe now I’ll do something about it!

Update 2:15.  Surprisingly I didn’t tank.  VERY cool to see that on the little graph.  BG tests have matched almost exactly to this point.  Loving it so far.  I check the thing every minute it seems…

Update 8:20 pm.  Still going well.  It has already helped me make a decision.  At 4:00, time to go home, I was around 110 (confirmed with a BG test).  Normally, if I test at 110 before getting in the car at 4 pm, I would’ve eaten something, because I was certainly headed low.  But this time I could tell that I had been steady around 110 for a couple hours and I was fine.  Good deal.

Update 3:21 pm 1/18 – Enjoying MANY different new alarms… especially in the middle of the night!

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