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New Shoes

January 8, 2009

I headed to my local Fleet Feet store in St. Charles, MO on Monday in search of a new pair of shoes.  I have been happy with my New Balance 1062s, but I wanted to try something new and I’ve been having some foot pain (aches really) after longer runs.


After trying on and taking a quick run with a couple pairs of shoes, I settled on a pair of Brooks Glycerin 6.


These felt firm and snug, but I liked them.  I especially like the looks and the up-turned toes.  I also tried a pair of Asic Cumulus 10 at the time and liked them, but decided to go with the Brooks.  Well, after about 10 miles, they have returned home to Fleet Feet.  They were just too snug and narrow in the toe box.  As I ran, I could fell the inside of the sole digging in around the thyroid area of my foot, just behind my big toe.  I thought maybe they just needed to be broke in a bit, but realized that wasn’t the case (also, consulted some fine folks from the Runner’s World Beginner Forum).

I took the shoes back today and tried a pair of Saucony Riders, but ultimately went with my first choice, the Cumulus 10s.


I liked them the best the entire time, so I have no idea why I didn’t go with them in the first place….  Ok, it’s the WHITENESS of the shoe.  😉  I got over it, and think I’ll really like them.  The have a nice, soft feel, so we’ll she how it goes.

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