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The Joys of Insurance

December 31, 2008

I’ve been trying to get a Continuos Glucose Monitor (CGM) for my new Minimed Pump approved, but after a second appeal, my good friends at Aetna have decided that I don’t need one.  After sending in BG logs and a note from my Doctor I’m done with Aetna.

Having an insurance company tell you how many test strips to use or having them reject a great tool to manage my health infuriates me to no end.  But I’ll make it.  😉

The main reason for Aetna’s rejection was that I didn’t have many Hypo’s below 70.  Nice.  I WAS able to notice when I was headed low, but now since I’ve been running, I have been low more and now I’m having problems noticing it until I get around 60.   So, now I’d probably get accepted by Aetna, but it’s too late.  Have I mentioned that I HATE insurance?

Good and bad news.  I’m switching to my employers insurance (UHC) next week and will most likley get approved.  The bad news is it will probably cost me a little bit.  With Aetna, it would’ve been 100% covered.  Have I mentioned that I HATE insurance?

In the next few weeks, I’ll get my request submitted to UHC and will have to see how much it will cost.  Getting further and further into distance running, instant BG feedback on my pump would be amazing and could may well prevent any serious lows.   I’ll have to way the costs and make a decision.  I’m thinking that it will probably be worth it.

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