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Tough Run Today

December 19, 2008

So, this morning’s run… wait.  Let’s go back to last night.  Last night was our neighborhood’s annual cookie exchange for all of the wifes.  This means my wife bakes a couple dozen cookies and then brings back just as many if not more.  Well, when she got home around 9 last night I had to eat my weight in cookies.  Fan-frickin-tastic idea the night before a morning run.  Much to my surprise (smell the sarcasm?) I woke up with a 263 BG reading, which lead to a 304 right before my run.  For most folks exercising over 240 is a big no-no, but I always come down when I exercise and have never had an opposite reaction, so I went on with my run.  I did set my basal down to 12% 1 hour before, did a 1 unit correction when I tested at 304 and skipped my usual 20 g. of carbs before starting.  I felt sluggish during the run, which can mean a high, but figured that wasn’t the case, had a GU around 25 minutes and tested at 114 when I was done.  A good BG run considering.

Now onto the weather.  Last night’s weather included rain, sleet and THUNDER with 30 degree temperatures.  This morning it was 55 and windy.   Part of the Creve Coeur Lake trail was still icy dispite the warm temperature and the west side of the lake was incredibly windy.  I just heard there were gusts of 50 mph reported in the area.  I believe it.

Somehow dispite all of this I still ran a 9:13 pace.  Almost 52:49 for 5.6 miles.  My heartrate averaged 86% of max, so I was working hard, but I thought the conditions would really slow me down.  Hmmm…  maybe that speed work on the treadmill is working?

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