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December 12, 2008

As most folks with Diabetes will tell you, it’s a constant learning process.  Just when you have things figured out, everything changes.  This has certainly been the case for me since I’ve started running.  I’ve had to lower my daily basals and cut out some other things I was doing.  I would have terrible spikes after lunch followed by a crash before dinner.  To compensate, I would bolus 10 minutes before eating, add an extra 2 units to my bolus and turn off my basal for 2 hours.  This worked pretty well.  Since I’ve been running, I’ve had to stop this practice or risk lows in the afternoon.  Now my lunch time meals are the same as every other meal, so running has had a direct affect on my control and I am seeing very few high spikes after eating.

I’m expecting good things from my next A1C test!!

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