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Great River Road 10 Mile

December 2, 2008

This past Saturday, November 29th, was a pretty big day.  I ran my first 10 mile race and we also hosted my son’s first birthday party at our house.  Both were tiring events.  😉

The race was in Alton, IL and was a 10 mile out and back course on the Great River Road.  The race started at 10 AM and while it was cool morning, there was very little wind.  The run out on the course was actually quite warm with the wind at our backs and quite a bit cooler on the return run with the light wind in our face.  The wind was just enough to play with my eyes and make things blurry at the end (at least I think it was the wind and not low blood glucose).

I was running this one by myself until a good friend that my wife and I used to work with ran up behind me right after the start.  She’s been running for about a year and has run a marathon.  I decided to keep up with her and push things a bit.  I was hoping for a sub-1:40 finish and I did that finishing at an hour and 33 minutes – a 9:19/mile pace.  MUCH faster than I had planned or would’ve run by myself, but I am very glad that I did it and had a good time talking with Angie.

My heart rate averaged 91% of max and we ran a very consistent pace…

Mile 1 – 9:14
Mile 2 – 9:29
Mile 3 – 9:16
Mile 4 – 9:19
Mile 5 – 9:13
Mile 6 – 9:22
Mile 7 – 9:21
Mile 8 – 9:11
Mile 9 – 9:31
Mile 10 – 9:09

There were water stops every two miles so those miles around those stops show a bit slower times, but only a 17 second difference besides the last mile is pretty impressive.

BG felt good during the race.  I had 1 GU before the race and 3 during the race.  I’m thinking I need to go lower than 15% of basal during my runs.  I still have to eat an awful lot during my runs to keep my BG up.  I tested at 133 right after the race and eating a donut at the finish.

It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get to Alton from my house, so while the ride back home felt relaxing, getting out of the car was an entirely different story.  Ugh.  I got back home around 1 and needed to help getting the house ready for Brady’s party at 4.  I took every opportunity I had to sit for a minute or two and rest, but I made it and later in the evening I felt fine.  I also felt fine on Sunday and even did a 5 mile run yesterday in the snow and cold.

All in all, it was a great race and I had a good time running with Angie and Brady’s party was a big success.

On to the next milestone… 13.1.

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