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Lessons Learned

November 11, 2008

One of the many fun things that Type 1 diabetics deal with is huge swings in their blood glucose levels.  Whenever a low occurs, it’s often easy to over correct.  As was the case last night.  Last night also provided a good lesson or two or three… on corrections and running.

I experienced a low (tested around 60) just before dinner.  It crept on me and I felt pretty bad.  I ate a peanut butter sandwich and still feeling low a few minutes later had some fruit snacks.  This was all around 6:00 PM.  I was planning to run at 8:00.  At 7:00 I set my basal to my normal 20% and tested my BG.  I was at 162 at this point and felt good.  While watching an exciting episode of Scooby-Doo with my 3 year old daughter I started to feel tired.  Just before my run I tested at 300.  Sweet.  In the past I have always corrected with half of the recommended amount, went ahead and ate my 20 grams of carbs before the run and headed off.  Last night for some dumb reason I corrected the full amount and didn’t eat my carbs.  I had planned to run 5 miles.  I was feeling fine and ate a GU around 25 minutes.  Shortly after that I started to feel “weird”.  I’ve found that lows while running feel entirely different than normal lows.  The main symptom is just an odd dizzy type feeling.  Not knowing exactly what was going on.  I shut ‘er down after 3.4 miles and head back to the house.  I tested this time in the 50s.  Yikes.  By this time the GU set in and I was fine, but I was very dissappointed at this “failed” run.  However, looking back, I realized this was a lesson learned that will help me in the future.

First off, don’t over correct for lows.  Second, don’t correct the full amount for highs just before running.  Third, ALWAYS eat my 20 grams of carbs prior to the run and lastly I need to think about taking the GU a little earlier in the run.

Oh well, that which does not kill us…

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