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D-Blog Day

November 10, 2008
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This post is in support of the 4th Annual D-Blog Day.  My Blog is dedicated to my trials and tribulations of running and being Type 1 Diabetic.  I started it just recently, but have enjoyed telling my story – to myself and any body else that might stop by.

I ran my second 10K this past Saturday.  I ran it in 57:12 (officially, 56:59 by my watch!).  I felt good during the run despite another huge spike to 280 just before the start.  I think that nerves/stress is causing my numbers to be higher just before a race.  I bolused half of the normal correction, ate 19 g of carbs before the start and had a GU gel half way through the race along with setting my basal to 20% for an hour before and during the run.  I was at 89 after the race, so I did pretty well.

Happy D-Blog Day!

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