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Better Control

November 7, 2008

…well, at least lower numbers.  Most of my posts so far have been focused on running itself.  I’ve been running seriously for just a few months, so it’s new and exciting to me.  I’ve had diabetes for 6 years…  it’s old news.  🙂  Some of my posts will be strictly about “The Big D”, because I want to share my experiences and give encouragement to those that may have just been diagnosed.

You can do it.  Control is possible, but you have to COMMIT to taking care of yourself, so you can live a long and healthy life.  You can either be pissed off and upset or you can deal with it.  I’ve chosen to deal with it.

You can run.  In the past I have stopped running or not started, because I thought it would be too hard.  It’s hard, but the challenges do not out weight the benefits.  My BG numbers have been way down since I’ve been running.  Actually, I need to completely re-do my basal settings.  I have been fighting low numbers, so I do need to make some changes, but I feel better, have more energy, and have seen improvements in my BG readings.

If you are reading this and you have Type 1 Diabetes remember: You can do it and You can run.

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