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Keeping the HR Down

November 3, 2008

Ran just over 7 miles on Saturday and focused on keeping my HR under 80% of max.  I averaged 77%,  so I accomplished my goal.  It was certainly a SLOW 7 miles.  Total time was 1:23:49.  I can’t believe I ran for over an hour and twenty minutes!  During the run I had 2 packs of fruit snacks AND a vanilla bean GU.  Around the 5.5 mile mark I started to feel weird.  The GU took care of that.

In addition to simply running for over an hour and twenty minutes I had to…

  1. Set my basal down to 20% an hour before the run
  2. Ate ~20 grams of carbs right before the run
  3. Left my basal at 20% during the run
  4. Ate ~20 grams (fruit snacks) around 25 and 50 minutes into the run
  5. Ate another 25 grams (GU) around 1:10 after feeling a little odd

Fun stuff and always experimenting to get things right.  It really hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but it certainly takes a lot of preperation and thought to keep myself upright 🙂

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